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Welcome to Sewer's Delight!

Please feel free to browse though our range of high quality Quilting FabricsSewingquilting and embroidery machines
and Accessories but do not forget buying your machine is just the start of your adventure with sewing! 

Why Buy From Sewer's Delight?

We offer after sales support here at Sewer's Delight including a free lesson to get you started as well an
Onsite Service and Repairs Centre to help keep your machine well maintained. But wait there's more!

Get Creative with Sewer's Delight!

Start making friends with local like minded people that you can share and create ideas with our 
Online Community Support Facebook Group and Sewing Classes

So you know when buying your machine from Sewer's Delight the machine is just the start into your adventure with Sewing.

Please feel free to ask any questions on our contact us page.

We are all here for the love of sewing.

Happy Sewing - Sewer's Delight Team