The Luminaire - Brother's New BIG Machine

The Luminaire - Brother's New BIG Machine main image The Luminaire - Brother's New BIG Machine image

We've just unpacked our new and uber-impressive Brother Innovis XP1 Luminaire and we are pretty excited!

The next big thing in Brother’s already innovative line up continues in the Innov-is tradition, this new generation being the Innov-is XP1 Luminaire. And luminescent it almost is, with new sleeker lines and a classical all-white finish that reflects the even brighter LED illumination and the warm glow of its enormous 10.1 inch touch screen display.

While it would seem that the much-loved Dream Machine 2 would be a hard act to follow, the Luminaire elegantly takes the cutting-edge functionality that the Dream Machine introduced to the market, and expands on it to the point that you simply can’t believe that a domestic sewing machine can be this advanced.

Starting with the Luminaire’s interface, the touch screen (that is just about the same sized as an iPad) has all of the familiar tablet interactions including sliding, swiping, and pinch-to-zoom all on a crystal-clear 10.1 inch screen with 16.7 million colours. And with this screen right beside you on your machine while you sew and embroider, you can access 30 tutorial videos and the machine’s entire instructional manual.

Then you’ll want to get to know the new Enhanced My Design Centre. Use the Luminaire’s ScanImation Scanning Frame to bring your own artwork into your machine’s My Design Centre, and then with the built-in digitising function (yes – digitising) create unique embroidery designs right there on that massive screen, with more stitch manipulation functions than ever before!

When it comes to designs, up until now, USB has been the happy-medium for design transfer on the Innov-is range. The Luminaire has almost casually added WIFI to it’s line up of design transfer methods, meaning that with PE Design 11, you can literally send a design right from your PC to your machine. No more looking for that yellow USB stick that you know has that design you need on it. Keep your collection of design files stored on your PC and then just grab them as you need them right on your Luminaire.

Once you have the perfect design, now you can stitch it in the perfect place. With an 'I can't believe they did that?!' industry first, the Luminaire will actually project an image of your embroidery design right onto your fabric in the hoop so that you can reposition it to just the right spot or just the right angle!!! Are you not amazed?!

There’s more (so much more!) to the Luminaire than we can fit into one webpage, but let's wrap this preview up with the one thing that you probably want to know more than anything else…just how big is this new machine’s embroidery hoop. It’s big, really big – with a 10.5 inches by 16 inches actual embroidery area (that’s 27.2cm x 40.5cm) that you can fill entirely with one design. Even more a-maz-ing!!

As for Luminaire pricing? The $19,999 price tag can at first seem like a shock, but given that this machine is the biggest and the most innovative in the domestic home sewing machine market, this degree of industry-first technology is going to come at a bigger price. Those amongst us who are most passionate about embroidery and sewing, will always invest in new technology, and once you do, you just know that all of your friends are going to be queuing up to see it!

For a limited time, purchase a Luminaire from Sewer's Delight, and not only will you get a BONUS quilter's pack including PE Design 11 and exclusive embroidery designs, valued at nearly $4000, but we'll also include a dual foot control with an RRP of $269. Hurry - only while stocks last!

Take a look at these videos from Brother, or pop in and have a play on our demonstration model.