Great Big Huge Massive Fabric Sale

Great Big Huge Massive Fabric Sale main image Great Big Huge Massive Fabric Sale image

Stocktake is just around the corner (again?!) and we REALLY don't want to measure and count our fabric so we've decided to throw it all on sale to clear it out!! Starting 9am Thursday 22nd March and running right through to 4pm Thursday 29th March, our Fabric Sale is going to save you some serious cash and save us some serious counting!  Check out the discounts:


All Fabric - Take 50% Off!

Yep - Whatever price tag is on any of our range of by-the-metre fabrics, you can take 50% OFF! You'll need to purchase at least a cut of 50cm, and because we'll be a little busy, we wont be able to help pick fabrics for you this week.

All Kits - Take 50% Off!

We love making kits! But we don't want to have to count them so all of our BIG variety of patchwork project kits which include things like patterns, instructions, embroidery designs or threads with pre-cut fabrics will also be 50% Off. You wont be able to pull them appart and inspect them, but at 50% off, you'll be getting a bargain.

All Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes - Just $30 each!

We hate to dissapoint you, but there's no sugar in these ones. Jelly rolls are 42 x 2.5 inch strips in assorted colours and Layer Cakes are 42 x 10 inch squares in assorted colours. These are usually a bargain at $55 so at $30 you'll want to pop a couple in your basket

All Fat 1/4s - Just $3 each!

Try to imagine counting Fat 1/4s!  To make our lives easier, we are selling ours out at just $3 each. At 55cm by 50cm, these are handy-sized pieces of potential and a bundle of them make a great gift! Grab some for your stash.

All Robison Anton Rayon Machine Embroidery Thread - Just $10 each!

If you own an embroidry machine, grab a basket and fill it up with this beautiful quality and oh-so-soft rayon embroidery thread. 1000m spools in oooodles of colours, these are normally RRPd at $12.10. Don't own an embroidery machine - these are also excellent for decorative stitches or applique satin stitch.

All Brands Sewing Machine Feet - Take 20% Off!

Get more from your sewing machine by using the right foot for your project. Bernina feet were 20% Off for Mother's Day sale so we thought we'd put all brands on sale too.

All ScanNCut Accessories - Take 20% Off!

Don't feel left out ScanNCut owners - we've put your accessories on specail too!

All Accuquilt Cutting Dies & Accessories - Take 20% Off!

...and because we didn't want ScanNCut owners to feel left out, we didn't want Accuquilt owners to feel it either!

Terms & Conditions (the fine print) - in store stock only, no other discounts apply. We can not hold stock or put sale items on lay-by. Sorry - we can not extend these specials to products in our online store.