Sewn For U

At Sewer's Delight, we love machine embroidery, and we know that you love machine embroidery! These days it seems like there is less and less time to spend on browsing through all of the embroidery designs that are out there and discovering beautiful projects to make, let-alone actually starting and finishing the ones that you do happen to come across.

Sewer's Delight is proud to launch our new brand, Sewn for U, which will focus on making it easier for you to enjoy machine embroidery. We’ll find projects for you and link them on our website, we’ll identify specialty items that you’ll need to make it like stabilizers and fabrics and make them easily available for you to buy, and we’ll even make the projects up and sell them so that those of you who are too busy to stitch for yourselves can still engage in the rewarding hobby of machine embroidery.

As well as being an online resource, you’ll be able to pick up our products or be inspired by our discoveries at the Handmade Expo in Ipswich, and you’ll be able to pick up our Sewn for U items in store at Sewer’s Delight, Browns Plains. 

Stay tuned for more information about our launch party in September!